Restaurants that we recommend:

Our favorite restaurant on the Island is the Palms Cafe.  It's located on the beach attached to a small motel.  It's a small place but we've never had a bad meal here.  My favorite dishes there - lobster, chicken teryaki sandwich, red snapper salad, my husband always gets a cheeseburger here, they make their own chips and they are delicious.  Also, try their fried ice cream. You will not be disappointed!

If you are in the mood for wings and need to feed a big family try Wing Stop To Go. The food stays hot all the way to the condo, although fries get kind of soggy. On Mondays and Tuesdays they have specials on boneless wings.

If you are in the mood for fish or shrimp try Dirty Al's (within walking distance from the condo on the bay). Don't go there too late, they close kind of early, around 8pm. Try their blackened shrimp tacos.

Our favorite sports bar is Louie's Backyard.  They have great daily specials, like, $7 ribs on Thursdays and Sundays or $6 fajitas on Mondays and Tuesdays. If you are out of state and looking for your home team on TV, chances are they have the channel and are happy to turn it on for you in the bar area. We always end up watching Minnesota Wild hockey games there because they are not on regular TV in the condo.

Our favorite breakfast places are Manuel's in Port Isabel and Ted's Restaurant.  They are not fancy but are very popular with the locals and have very good Mexican breakfasts. Manuel's gets really busy on the weekends but the wait is worth it. They have huge tacos that you can save for lunch too. You will be surprised at how little your bill is at Ted's Restaurant compared to other sit down places on the island.

If you are in the mood for ribs or pizza try Padre Brewing Co.  They also brew their own beer and it's very good. If you like their beer, buy a growler and re-fill it between 3 and 5pm when it's discounted.

Palm St Pier is a nice restaurant on the bay to watch sunset.  Try their super nachos, it's huge.  They have a coconut shrimp special on Wednesdays for $8 during lunch.

Pier 19 (within walking distance from the condo) is also another great place on the bay with great views. They have a long pier that kids enjoy to run around on and The Pirate Ship makes couple of stops there to provide short entertainment for the kids. Sometimes we see dolphins while dining there, so keep your eyes open! They also have unlimited pancakes and bacon on Saturday and Sundays for $5.

If you are looking for entertainment for the kids try Pirates Landing in Port Isabel.  The food is pretty good and the kids love the atmosphere.  

Wanna-wanna - fun beachfront restaurant, try the shrimp basket.  We also hear the burgers are good.

If you are in the mood for Italian try Gabriela's. They get really busy on the weekends, so go there during the week. They have the best beer and wine selection on the island. They have Happy Hour Specials Sunday-Thursday 4-6pm.

As you can see we love going out to eat when we are on vacation and there are so many good restaurants here.